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Tea Towels

Buy Me Tea Towel  By: Where the Orchid Grows

Buy Me Tea Towel By: Where the Orchid Grows

Buy Me Kitchen Conversion Tea Towel By: Knife in the Water

Buy Me "Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon" Tea Towel By: Knife in the Water


I simply can't get enough.

Photo Credits: 1st Photo / 2nd Photo / 3rd Photo

Drool - Worthy

I love them all.

Bodycon Dresses  By: Free People

I have a crush...

... on daiquiri ice slash sea foam wall paint. BUT My husband might kill me if I come home with another can of paint.

In case you didn't already know...


Fall is on the way...

Buy Me Vintage Wood Beaded Necklace By: Dear Golden Vintage
Buy Me 70's Lace Accented Dress By: Secondhand Addiction

Buy Me Vintage Oxford High Heels By: Maria Handmade
Buy Me Vintage Baby Boy Grandpa Style Cardigan By: Twitch Tots (If this fit Blake it would be mine. I love a boy in man clothes!)

For the love of doilys

Buy Me Doily Pom Pom Set By: My Haley Girl
Buy Me Doily Cupcake Wrappers By: Paperillaroo
Buy Me Crochet Flower Garland By: Emma Lamb
Buy Me 10 Mini Note Cards By: I Love Dielines Studio

Link Love

I have to share this post from my friend Claire over at J'adore.
Ipad2 Meets Vanity Crisis

I bite...

Buy Me Hand Stamped Cuff By: Maxington Bear
Buy Me Red Party Dress By: The World Of Pastel
Buy Me 8x10 Art Print By: Lucy Snow Photography



Ivory Tulle & Hearts

Buy Me Bridal Veil By: Mojo Spa Style
Buy Me Custom Ampersand By: Slippin' Southern
Buy Me 8x10 Print By: Chelsea Victoria

My 100th Post...

Buy Me 100 Felted Balls By: Yummi Shop
Buy Me 100 Paper Straws By: Hey YoYo
Buy Me 100 Recycled Gift Tags By: Runonthesun
Buy Me 100 Heart Embellishments By: Below Blink

Cottan Candy Pink

Buy Me Hand Dyed Extra Full Crinoline By: Loca Loves Pirate
Buy Me 8x8 Print By: Charlene Precious Photography
Buy Me Ceramic Elephant Figurine By: PearsonMaron
Buy Me 8x10 Print By: Charlene Precious Photography

Memories of sandy toes...

Buy Me Beach Cartwheels Print By: D.S. Brennan Photography
Buy Me Wooden Hand Painted Sign By: The Funki Little Frog
Buy Me Fine Art Photograph By: September Wren

Lets Play

Buy Me Pressed Glass Pendant By:  Boots N Gus
Buy Me Fine Art Print By: Fine Art Collage Prints
Buy Me Polka-Dot Girls Dress By: Candy Dress Shop

Appropriate? Probably not. Funny? Absolutely.

View Shop Greeting Cards  By: Sweet Perversion