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She's filled with secrets...

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Handmade Custom Dresses  By: Schone on etsy

Lucky Ducks

The luckiest girls in the world...
West Shore, Lake Tahoe July 2011

Get the skinny...

Quality Leather Cases, By: Beautiful Skin
For your iphone..

 Your Kindle...

and your ipad.

In a perfect world...

...I would wear Sarah Seven every day of the week.

My neck says thank you

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Country Cozy

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My Mother taught me how to take succulent clippings, remove the bottom leaves, stick them in dirt, and WA-LA! They grow. I'm thrilled every time I see this window box outside my kitchen window. And i can't wait until it's filled in!

Almost a year later:

Good luck, you'll need it.

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Kids with the pumped up kicks..

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Here fishy fishy...

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bang bang

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I love french fries too...

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So Sweet

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Old to you, New to me

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The Golden Hour

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Feathers & Beads with Antlers

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I'd rather (not) share soap

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