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Gather Handmade *Giveaway*

Words can not describe how excited I am to be hosting a  giveaway featuring Gather Handmade Jewelry!

The artist behind these pieces is so beyond talented.
I want everything.
And if you met her,  you would be instantly drawn to her unique sense of style,  shameless pairing of pieces,  and humble energy.

To Enter:
 Follow Pretty Unpretentious. Click here >  After visiting the Gather Jewelry Etsy Shop, tell us what your favorite item is by leaving a comment below. :-)
The winning comment will be selected at random via Voting ends November 3, 2011 @ midnight. The winner will be announced November 4, 2011  Good luck friends!

Wrap it up

I know Halloween hasn't even come and gone, but I am doing a post on gift wrapping for the holidays because I'm that girl who is up Christmas Eve-Eve  wrapping, tying,curling, twirling, etc. 
So this is inspiration for ME to get on the ball  (the pom-pom ball and tissue ball, that is) EARLY this year.
And if you enjoy it too,  well that is just wonderful. .....

I always know when a gift is from my sister -in-law by the wrapping.
She always embellishes kraft paper.
It's genius.

Popsicle stick name tags!
Yarn Pom-Poms

Photo 1 / Photo 2 / Photo 3

Inspiration: Laundry Room

I love the idea of brightening up a little laundry room  with a vibrant bold pattern.
But lets not get confused, attractive laundry room or not, I will always hate laundry.
...and cleaning toilets.

Photo 1 / Photo2 / Photo 3 / Photo4

Etsy Love

This year I insist that you try to do  some of your Christmas shopping via
There are just so many wonderful things!

Bowband By: Very Loveleigh (to win this item click here)

Felted Sleepy Owl By:  For My Darling
Golden Arcs Bracelet By: Ayala Jewelry Design


"If things go wrong, don't go with them." -Roger Babson

Just a little reminder that the choice is yours.
{photo source unknown}

Blog Swap: Hollie Takes Notes

Blog Swapping.
That's right people.

Read Hollie's lovely post below
then head on over to her blog to read my post. :-)

Fun right?
bouncing around on blogs?
It's what we do anyway...

10 things that make Hollie happy:

1. When the timer on the oven goes off (especially if cookies are inside!)
2. Touchdown dances.
3. An old fashioned thank you card. snail mail rules!
4. Surprising the boyfriend, friends, or family for no reason at all. that is if I keep the surprise...whoops.
5. Wearing no makeup and keeping sunglasses ON in the store. being mysterious is cool.
6. A new pair of boots, duh.
7. Watching tv shows after the season is done. favorites are dexter, the wire, and currently breaking bad!
8. Beauty samples!! thank you sephora!
9. A pimped out, bedazzled wine glass for any occasion
10. Not being over saying 'that's what she said' and using it endlessly.

K, Off you go....Hollie Takes Notes and I suggest you follow her because her enthusiasm for blogging is contagious. xox…

Apple Hill


Blog Love

Head over to this blog >>> Mr. Taylor and his Lady
to read ten things that make me happy!

Oh, and I'm warning you now...  you will fall in love with this girl.

So, I hope you have plenty of time on your hands  because you will be perusing her fabulous blog for a while
It's addictive.