Blog Swap: Hollie Takes Notes

Blog Swapping.
That's right people.

Read Hollie's lovely post below
then head on over to her blog to read my post. :-)

Fun right?
bouncing around on blogs?
It's what we do anyway...

10 things that make Hollie happy:

1. When the timer on the oven goes off (especially if cookies are inside!)

2. Touchdown dances.

3. An old fashioned thank you card. snail mail rules!

4. Surprising the boyfriend, friends, or family for no reason at all. that is if I keep the surprise...whoops.

5. Wearing no makeup and keeping sunglasses ON in the store. being mysterious is cool.

6. A new pair of boots, duh.

7. Watching tv shows after the season is done. favorites are dexter, the wire, and currently breaking bad!

8. Beauty samples!! thank you sephora!

9. A pimped out, bedazzled wine glass for any occasion

10. Not being over saying 'that's what she said' and using it endlessly.

K, Off you go.... Hollie Takes Notes and I suggest you follow her because her enthusiasm for blogging is contagious. xoxo


  1. Haha!!!!! The quote "That's what she said" is said ALL THE TIME around here!

    - Sarah

  2. you are too sweet! get a button so you can have a perma link on my blog!

  3. Me and my roomies are OBSESSED with 'that's what she said'. I don't think it will ever get old!!

    Can't wait to check out the rest of Heather's blog.

  4. super fun! love when bloggers do this!

  5. I love wearing sunglasses into stores! Great post! :)


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