Free Printable: Wedding Table Numbers

Enjoy FREE printable table numbers designed ,with love, by yours truly. These are best printed on card stock but if you would like to print them on plain paper to place in 5x7 frames be sure to set the print option to:
Page Scaling: Multiple Pages Per Sheet
Pages Per sheet: 2
Page: Horizontal


  1. These are great! I'd love to use them, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to download them.

  2. yes, indeed. There isn't available any "save as" tool. how could i download it? I really love the design. thanks a lot.

  3. (by clicking next) or (scrolling down).
    And right click on mouse and
    save as image.

  4. I love these but I have 25 tables. How can I get numbers 18-25?

  5. Hello There,
    Just came across these on Pinterest and am wondering too how I could obtain the table numbers 18-30? I just love them and hope you can respond to me.
    Thanks so much, Cindy Hartman, Willard, OH


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