Love Always, Lacey

Sparkly ear candy arrived on my front porch today. If it's a box i know it must be from my dear friend Lacey. Here's a few fun facts to describe her... 
1. She might be tiny but her heart is twice her size.
2. She will burst into song at any given moment (with or without  music)
3. She orders nonfat drinks at starbucks, with whipcream.
4. Although she is very busy traveling all over the world buying all that is couture for she will STILL find time to catch up with a phonecall and mail birthday presents to your front door.
5. If you are lucky enough to receive snail mail from her, you can be sure she will draw a pig named Joey and hearts in pink highlighter.
6. When you meet her, you can't forget her. And when you know her, you'll put her picture in your locket.


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