Learning New Things Everyday.

What I Have Learned From Pinterest.....
  • Eyeglasses are trendy.
  • How to make a sock bun.
  • We are all obsessed with toe shoes.
  • We want to eat what makes us fat then find motivation to get fit.
  • DIY projects look much easier than they really are.
  • The more sarcastic, short, or punny a quote is, the better.
  • If it is pink and alcoholic, I'll pin it and try it this weekend.
  • May as well pin a bouquet of peonies ten times because my husband isn't going to buy them for me.
  • Dreamy homes and spaces really do exist..... somewhere....
  • Dreamcatchers are cool.
  • It doesn't matter what is in the mug, as long as it looks hot and steamy.
  • Chunky scarf, fog, whimsical, twinkle lights = pin, pin, pin, pin
  • And finally, we love babies, animals and cute couples doing cute couple-like things.

What has Pinterest taught you?


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