Free Printable Calendar - June 2012

Enjoy FREE printable June calendars designed ,with love, by yours truly. 
Save an image below and be sure to set the print option to a full page.

For June - December 2012 Calendars Click Here.

In honor my my birthday month
I have chosen to do a twinkle light theme for June.
Twinkle lights are my favorite... 
but if you follow me on Pinterest, you already know that! 


  1. oh gosh, it's been a while since i visited your blog girl, and it is absolutely adorable! love the layout. and that first calendar is just perfect. love! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Dear Heather! I absolutely love the 2nd June design! I'd love to print that on my wedding (in less than a month) invitation! Do you think this would print nicely on a 6x6 in paper? Thank you and a big LIKE to your lovely work!!

    1. Hi milicat, email me at and I'll put together one that will work for you. :-)

  3. Thank you! We are going to use these for planning our home schooling! xo

  4. Where is july- december?

  5. Thank you for these. What font is the second one? My fourth grader loves the font!

  6. graceful calendars.they look so good.please visit my siteprintable calendar 2012

  7. Love them, I have all of them so far. I am waiting for September. I plan my diary with these now. thank you for creating and sharing.

  8. These are so adorable! I'm looking for weekly calendar (a week to a page) for my teens - but had to comment on these :)

  9. Are you going to do a November calendar??

  10. Will there be a december calendar?

  11. are you going to have a december calandar?


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