A list of things that make me happy...

Conversation with my 4 year old son.
Pancakes on Saturday mornings.
Picking up a loved one at the airport.
Exploring somewhere new.
Pants that are too long for me.
Porch swings.
Gourmet jelly beans.
High heels on my feet and a martini in my hand.
Rainy Sundays.
Dancing and singing to loud music.
Freshly painted nails.
Care packages.
The smell of pine trees.
Cuddling up and reading to B.
Waking up to coffee.
Witnessing an original moment.
Discovering the silver lining.
When your friend calls to tell you something that makes them shriek with excitement.
Swimsuits and cutoff shorts.
Champagne and brunch.
Cozy socks.
A book you can’t put down.
A quote that changes your life.
Thoughtful surprises.
A fresh start. 


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